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Subs update

Subs update

Nicola Hodgson10 Jun - 11:00
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As discussed and voted at this years AGM the way that we do subs is changing.

We are a hockey club without its own facilities, so just running matches alone is expensive. For one reason or another not all of the money owed is collected during the season (mainly training fees) and over the last few years we have tried different ways to minimise this with little effect.

This year at our clubs Annual General Meeting (AGM) it was voted that we combine annual subs and training fees to be paid as a lump sum or a monthly subscription. The aim of combining the two is to save our members money across the year while recuperating as many costs as possible.

The below table highlights the savings that our members can make with the upcoming season.

2023/24 season 2023/24 season 2023/24 season 2023/24 season 2024/25 season 2024/25 season
Age group Subs Attending every training Attending every other trainingTotal Total Savings
U13 £25£216£108£241 or £133£120£121 or £13
U18 £50£268£188£318 or $238£120£198 or £118
Seniors £75£268£188£343 or £263£120£223 or £143

Match fees will still be requested through Pichero every week as they are based on selection, unlike training which is open to everyone.

We hope the above is clear, if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to reach out to myself or a member of the committee.

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